Completed: July 1, 2022

Rose Hills – SkyRose Chapel

Whittier, CA

Services for Frank Tripepi have concluded. Over 300 gathered at the Rose Hills SkyRose Chapel to recognize Frank’s passing. The family then moved to a graveside service where military honors were performed. Finally, family and friends gathered at South Hills County Club and filled the main call with conversation, reconnections and stories celebrating Frank Tripepi.

Program for Services

Ryder Todd Smith Eulogy of Frank

Karen Ogawa Eulogy of Frank

Don Wagner Eulogy of Frank

Tom Brisbin Eulogy of Frank

Mark Risco Eulogy of Frank

The services at SkyRose Chapel and the comments and stories at South Hills Country Club were recorded. Both are available below and you can expand the video to fill the screen.

Link to Frank G. Tripepi’s Rose Hills information and obituary: